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May 29, 2020 at 11:51 AM
Mar 6, 2018
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Feb 4, 2002 (Age: 18)
Massachusetts, USA


Senior Moderator, Female, 18, from Massachusetts, USA

Staff Member Senior Moderator
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May 29, 2020 at 11:51 AM
    1. CraftyWolf3000
      If you are KaileyCx can you look at my ban Appeal
    2. Axelbe
      Ayo, We have now changed our skins. Sorry for the inconvenience:) WIll not happen again
      1. MADSSHO likes this.
    3. Felipe Francois
      Felipe Francois
      Hi, i got banned today for HaileyYm, i don't know if this is your username but if it is, please remove the ban. I started playing around the previous week and i play my game legit, i have my house, my things and got banned from nowhere. So if HaileyYM is you, please remove the ban. Thanks.
      1. Evelyn Reis likes this.
      2. Evelyn Reis
        Evelyn Reis
        Me too!!! Please remove the ban!
        Apr 1, 2020
    4. Extr4Cr33p3r
      Hi! i think i was banned by you today (it was someone named HaileyYm or something like that) with no reason. I was banned right after someone said that the spam attack started again. Btw i was advised by someone during the spam to rank up so i won't be seen as a bot and be baned (i ranked up as an explorer). Please help me. Thanks!
      1. Evelyn Reis likes this.
    5. Denauticat
      So I'm curious as to why a lot of the staff have matching anime profile pictures?
    6. Cloud_Nothing
      Hey dude, my username is Cloud_Nothing and I was hoping to appeal to a ban, I was banned 11/4/2018 for taking some things from a chest i found in the wild, Kesume banned me and if you could help me I'll return what I took from it. I've been playing vulengate for a few weeks and I really like the house I built there.
    7. Turtlegirl
      My name is Turtlegirl08
      I got baned by HaileyYM
      On 2018-03-13
      I got baned for "Greifing'
      Pls unban me
      Im sorry if I've done somthing wrong...I think I got banned because I broke somthings in my friends home.I love this sever and I promise Never to greif again!
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    Feb 4, 2002 (Age: 18)
    Massachusetts, USA