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Please don't private message me your ban appeals or post them on my profile. I do not read them. Apr 5, 2018

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Jun 16, 2020
    1. wadsy101
      you give little kids too much authority over your players and they do not communicate at all. Ban hammer.. really mature 16 year old moderator. I put in an appeal, but probably wont even come back to the server to spend money because of this. I have never been banned from anywhere, and this is not acceptable.
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    2. Nikolas
      hey ashinos i bought the vip rank and noting has happened for about 25 min now
    3. NLSAM
      my name is NLSAM
      i got banned in 2018-03-15
      reason: grieving (wood pier)
      banned by ravensar
      i got banned from the old blue server because i grieved a pier with a friend it was my friends pier and we grieved the pier because the old blue server was resetting. he gave his permission
    4. Ashinos
      Please don't private message me your ban appeals or post them on my profile. I do not read them.
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      2. MoNsEf55
        so where i have to make it then
        Apr 6, 2018
    5. MoNsEf55
      my name in game is MoNsEf55
      i get ban in 2018/04/04
      reason: Xraying
      banned by: haileyYM
      i dont know what is this Xraying i look for it in google and i understand i never use that thing in my life i just use mod OptiFine and Xaeros_Minimap he make can see in caves if i Not allowed tp use i sorry i was not mean to cheat :(:(:( i hope your forget me
    6. Turtlegirl
      Ban apeal.
      My name is Turtlegirl08
      I got baned by HaileyYM
      On 2018-03-13
      I got baned for "Greifing'
      Pls unban me
      Me and my friend have been trying everything for me to play again...BTW i have never greifed
    7. Fairway Daddyohh
      Fairway Daddyohh
      what is ban evading? and why was I band for it. I was trying to find out what happened to my grandson. Sorry if I broke a rule. did not mean to. I would like to be able to get back on your server. I like it better then our family one. You did a good job. Fairway Daddyohh, 2018/03/31,ban evading, HaileyYM, Did not know I was breaking any rules and will not try to do it again.
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    8. Turtlegirl
      How do i do ban apeal
    9. Fairway Daddyohh
      Fairway Daddyohh
      fairway Daddyohh it said I was banned for ban evading by HaileyYM at 2018/03 31 11:45 pm. what is that. just trying to figure out what happened with my grandson and why and if there was help. sorry if I did something wrong. not trying to. I play mostly to myself and try not to bother others. Did not mean to brake any rule. I hope ban can be lifted.
    10. gabby_goodness
      hello Ashinos. I was banned for theft by featherstripe. I am still new to the server and i don't fully understand the rules. I thought if anything was unclaimed i could take it. Now that i understand the rules it will never happen again. please unban me. thank you. -gabby_goodness
      1. MushIsGosu
        Mar 31, 2018
      2. gabby_goodness
        thank you
        Mar 31, 2018
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    11. tashalewis321
      hi. not really sure who i contact but here we go. today i was banned for grief. and in all honesty i havent grieved. not in my knowledge anyway. I'm permanently banned by featherstipe . I dont know whos place i was apparently grieving so I was wondering if you had any idea ? and also it would help a lot so it could clear things up. thanks - Natasha L
    12. Lynx0of
    13. Ryze
      hi, heh.
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    14. Systematicc
      Pablo says hi~
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      2. Ashinos
        Hi Pablo
        Mar 6, 2018
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